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8 good reads for the holidays

We have gathered a couple of interesting links on upcoming trends and changes that will occur during 2018. Happy holiday reading!

How will artificial intelligence affect corporate communication

The communication landscape is changing fast with artificial intelligence, robot journalism and bots interacting with our audience on our behalf. It is more and more likely that the content you read and the dialogues you have are in part managed by technology with marketing and customer care as early adopters. How will this affect what we can and should do in corporate communication?

In response to #sistabriefen and #metoo

We unconditionally stand behind and support #sistabriefen. One of our core values in Comprend is #together. For us that means we simply cannot accept behaviours such as the described in the testimonials from #sistabriefen. 

Vårt svar på #sistabriefen

Vi på Comprend har läst och skriver under uppropet #sistabriefen. En av våra värderingar hos oss på Comprend är "Tillsammans". För oss blir det därför självklart att ställa oss bakom uppropet. 

German companies are becoming better at communicating financial information and sustainability initiatives

The results from the German edition of this year’s Webranking are here. The findings reveal that in line with popular demand, German companies are becoming more transparent. Since last year, they have become better at providing both financial information and information on their work with sustainability. However, with an average overall score of 48.6, they still have improvements to make before they will have achieved the standard stakeholders want. 


People and Culture <3 Comprend

Comprend have recently hired Ida Bylund to be our new People & Culture manager. “People and culture affects everything we do, and it helps us grow together – individually, as teams and together with our clients.” says our CEO Staffan Lindgren on why this is an important recruitment for our company.

The website at the heart of effective communication

Comprend's sister agency Hallvarsson & Halvarsson (H & H) is one of the largest communication agencies in Sweden focused on corporate communication, public affairs and financial communication. H&H is committed to optimising not just their clients' but their own communication and marketing and we sat down to talk with Alexandra Kaktus who was recently hired as marketing coordinator.

Portuguese listed companies still lag their European peers as online communicators

This year’s Webranking found that the gap between listed companies in Portugal and their peers in the rest of Europe widened in comparison with last year as their online investor and career communications continued to fall short of audience expectations.

Swisscom, Sika and Sonova best Swiss digital communicators in Webranking by Comprend 2017-2018 Research

The Swiss weekly Bilanz reported exclusively today the findings of the latest Webranking by Comprend 2017-2018 Switzerland edition in collaboration with Lundquist. The findings reveal a steady Swiss performance in a European context.

Ferrovie dello Stato, Anas & Sisal top the Italian non-listed podium in Webranking by Comprend 2017-2018 research

The Italian weekly L’Economia del Corriere (Corriere della Sera) reported exclusively today the findings of the latest Webranking by Comprend 2017-2018 Italy non-listed edition in collaboration with Lundquist. The findings reveal that the decline in trust in business, together with the increasing importance for consumers and investors of corporate social and environmental practices, has become a strong influencing factor in corporate communications that companies would do well to respond to.

New stars at Comprend

The Comprend family is growing and we are happy to welcome new colleagues to our Stockholm office. Meet our new stars!

French websites are becoming more responsive, but are still falling short on financial transparency

The French edition of Webranking reveals that French companies have become better in providing mobile responsive sites and internal search engines. At the same time, they are lagging their peers on financial transparency, for the fourth year in a row.

Takeaways from Web Summit 2017

With more than 1,200 speakers and 60,000 participants, Web Summit in Lisbon calls themselves “The largest technology conference in the world”. Comprend was in attendance this year again for inspiration and networking.

Snam, Eni and Gruppo Hera top the Italian podium in Webranking by Comprend 2017-2018 research

The Italian weekly CorrierEconomia reported exclusively today the findings of the latest Webranking by Comprend 2017-2018 Italy edition in collaboration with Lundquist. The findings reveal that increasing foreign investment and business transformation are pushing more and more Italian companies to invest in digital transparency.

Comprend’s office in Lisbon closed

Comprend has been present in Lisbon since the start of the Comprend brand, in 2014. As of November 2017, the office will close down. Existing clients will continue to work with Comprend in London and Stockholm.

Norwegian companies have increased their web presence, but are still lagging their Nordic counterparts

This year’s Webranking by Comprend has shown that Norwegian websites have increased their web presence since last year, this can be attributed to improvements in areas such as sustainability and functionality. The average score for Norwegian companies is 42.6, which means that despite improvements, Norwegian websites are still falling short of their Nordic counterparts

Comprend acquires Excite Communications

Comprend are delighted to announce the acquisition of Excite Communications, one of the UK’s top digital corporate communications agencies.

Danish websites continue to outperform Scandinavian counterparts in sustainability, but struggle to meet IR expectations

This year’s Webranking results for Denmark shows that Danish companies continue to perform well in sustainability. For the third year in a row, they outperform Scandinavian counterparts in this area. At the same time, Danish companies fail to meet the stakeholder demand on Investor Relations. The average score for Danish companies is 48.6, which means a slight decrease from last year’s average 49.6


Spanish websites are becoming more responsive, but still lack financial information

According to Webranking by Comprend, the usability of Spanish corporate websites has improved by becoming responsive and offering an improved internal search. At the same time, they still struggle to meet the demand of the financial audience. Spanish websites’ average scores have improved slightly from last year, arriving at 40.8 compared to last year’s 38.

Design is the chicken and content is the egg

We often work in projects where we are both redesigning a website and reviewing its content. In cases like these we ask ourselves: which comes first, design or content?

Methodically working with the website gave Cloetta the lead again

Yesterday the results of this year's Webranking was presented. Cloetta took the first place this year again and we asked some questions to Susanne Larsson who works with HR and communication at Cloetta.

Svenska företag använder mer video – men håller inte måttet inom IR

Årets svenska upplaga av Webranking by Comprend visar att svenska företag har fortsatt svårt att leva upp till förväntningarna inom IR. Samtidigt använder sig allt fler av video för att kommunicera om sin verksamhet, vilket går i linje med intressenternas förväntningar. Svenska företags genomsnittspoäng i undersökningen hamnar på 47,7, en marginell ökning från förra året.

Swedish companies use more video, but aren’t up to standard when it comes to IR

This year’s edition of Webranking by Comprend shows that Swedish companies still fall short of living up to the expectations concerning Investor Relations (IR). Comparatively, more companies use videos as a means of informing stakeholders about their business, which is completely in line with the stakeholders’ expectations. The average score for Swedish companies is 47.7 points, a slight increase compared to last year.

UK websites show improvement but still lag behind European counterparts

The Webranking research has been conducted for the 21st time, and is based on surveys to around 500 analysts, investors, business journalists and jobseekers in Europe. Based on their responses more than 800 companies in Europe have been ranked on how they communicate in their digital channels.

Finnish websites surpass European counterparts in sustainability

Finnish corporate websites outperform their European counterparts in the 20 year celebration of Webranking by Comprend. Finnish companies score an average of 59.1 out of 100, which means a small increase from last year’s average of 58.9. They have improved in providing sustainability information, making them the best in Europe in this increasingly in-demand section.

Get more from your annual report investment

Creating a digital short version of an annual report is a step many companies take to move towards a more digital way of financial communication. A couple of weeks ago we hosted a breakfast seminar on short versions together with our sister agencies Hallvarsson & Halvarsson and Creo.


Brand new version of the Webranking report

In a couple of weeks, the first reports for Webranking by Comprend 2017-2018 will be released. This year, the report has a new look and feel to make it more user-friendly, so that it’s easier for companies to understand how to improve their digital corporate communications.

This year's Webranking result for the Middle East

We have conducted our 2017 – 2018 Webranking report for the Middle East, reviewing the investor relations section of over 300 sites.

New teammates at Comprend

The Comprend family is growing and we are happy to welcome new colleagues to our Stockholm and London teams. Meet our new teammates!

Electrolux awarded for best sustainability report

Electrolux’s sustainability report 2016 has been awarded best sustainability report of the year by Aktuell Hållbarhet. The jury was especially impressed by how Electrolux describes its sustainability priorities and how they lead to business and social benefits.


H&H Group förvärvar Intellecta Corporate och 4 andra kommunikationsbyråer

Comprends ägare H&H Group har idag avtalat om att förvärva Intellecta Corporate, Hilanders, Bysted, Tomorrow och UnReel från Intellecta AB (publ).

H&H Group acquires five communication agencies

Comprend's owner H&H Group has today agreed to acquire Intellecta Corporate, Hilanders, Bysted, Tomorrow and UnReel from Intellecta AB (publ). 

Webranking 20 years – What does the future hold for corporate communications?

The celebrations of Webranking continuous! During our 20 years of ranking, we have seen how new technology and societal trends affects what people want on a corporate website. In this article we look towards the future and ask: What does the future hold for digital corporate communications?

BillerudKorsnäs awarded prize for Best Web Design

BillerudKorsnäs’ new website, which was redesigned and launched in May 2017, was named the winner of a Silver Stevie® Award in the Best Overall Web Design category at the 14th Annual International Business Awards yesterday.

Analysts – do they really use your corporate website?

2017 is the twentieth anniversary of Webranking by Comprend, the world’s longest-running analysis of corporate websites across the globe. The criteria are unique as they are driven not by our views but by those of your most important website audiences – we survey a dedicated focus group of investors, analysts and business journalists on what they want to see on a corporate website and produce and weight the criteria accordingly.


Reflections from Almedalen

During the first week of July some of the Comprend team went to Gotland to participate in the annual political and corporate summit, Almedalsveckan. Throughout the week hundreds of organisations, political parties, municipalities, NGO’s and corporations held seminars and sessions to discuss and highlight different issues with a focus on politics.

Webranking 20 years – Perspectives from our users

As you may have caught on by now, Webranking is turning 20 this year! Looking back at 20 years of ranking, we can see that some companies have scored high more often than others. As a part of our celebration, we have turned to two of these companies, Danish Danske Bank and Portuguese Galp, to find out more about how they have used Webranking and why they think they have been successful.

What do job seekers want on a website?

We are living in a world of rapid change and this seems to apply to the job market too. Job seekers are increasingly more likely to move countries to seek challenges and opportunities and the so-called millennials are entering the job market with a whole new way of looking at careers. With all of this is mind, Comprend’s Careers spotlight reports highlights information on how companies can attract and keep candidates.

The Comprend Capital Market Spotlight Report is here

The report provides valuable insights on what Capital Market Stakeholders wants, which in turn will help companies create the best possible corporate website.


Shoot better films using your phone

Almedalen – a festival for politicians and corporates – starts next week in Sweden, and our sister agency Creo will be in attendance, as will Comprend. Whether you’re going there or not, here are some helpful tips Creo have come up with to help you shoot films for social media using your phone.

Webranking 20 years – What's the secret?

Webranking is turning 20 years! As a part of our celebrations, we sat down with the two founders – Staffan Lindgren, CEO of Comprend, and Gabriel Thulin. We asked them about the progression of Webranking and what they think about the future of corporate communications. The result is the video you can watch below.

Test your website's accessibility

In this third and last (for now) post on accessibility, we’d like to introduce some of the ways you can test your website and content to identify areas for improvement.

Webranking 2017-2018 starts

The annual ranking of the corporate websites of Europe’s largest companies - Webranking by Comprend – has started for the 2017-2018 season. This year we celebrate 20 years!

Webranking by Comprend presents this years Web Management report

As the digital presence increases so does the need for internet security. This year’s Web management report shows that the importance of protecting online users has not been forgotten by companies, with 80 % of the listed companies taking preventive security measures across its digital communication channels.

SEB, Swedbank and Credit Suisse best digital communicators in banking sector

International Banker exclusively reports the findings of the latest Webranking by Comprend 2016-2017 banking edition in collaboration with Lundquist. The findings reveal that European banks need to take a more proactive role in encouraging active dialogue amongst stakeholders via their digital channels.


The CSR Spotlight report – how companies can respond to a rapidly changing world

2016 was a year of turbulence and transformation. Brexit as well as the election of Trump where political events that few saw coming. The conflict in Syria, terrorism and potential climate change disasters all contributed to instability. We continued to move towards a more digital society, resulting in both new opportunities and new risks.

Transparency in digital investor relations: does it pay off?

Does the performance of your company’s stock benefit from open information about your company’s strategy, operations and prospects? Is it worth trying to find out what kind of information financial audiences seek to make informed decisions? To which extent, if any, should the company’s information flow exceed regulatory requirements? How generous should the company be with forward-looking information? To put it frankly, do you work hard enough for a fair valuation of your company stock?

Web accessibility laws in Sweden

How different would your life be if you couldn’t use the internet? Now? Five years from now? Further into the future?

Global 100 companies outshined by their European counterparts

The Global 100 edition of the Webranking by Comprend research, based on requirements of stakeholders, jobseekers and digital audiences, reveals top companies are struggling to communicate with their stakeholders. Reaching an average score of 38/100 the world’s largest global companies, by market cap, fall three points behind the EU500’s 41.9 score average. Whilst it is important to note that global companies adhere to different accounting and disclosure rules than their European counterparts, it remains important for them to be transparent on issues that stakeholders deem important.


Consilio International becomes part of H&H Group

Get started with accessibility: our 10 top tips

Learning how to make your website accessible to disabled people can be daunting at first. Because accessibility is not taught or talked about enough, it can feel like there’s a lot to learn and the tools we have don’t always make it easy.

New faces at Comprend

The Comprend family is growing and we are happy to welcome new colleagues to our Stockholm, London and Lisbon teams. Meet our new friends!

Netherlands perform well but lack some CSR and IR information

This year’s Webranking by Comprend reviewed, scored and ranked 778 internationally listed companies based on how well their corporate websites meet the requirements of stakeholders, jobseekers and digital audiences.

Increase conversion with data-driven design

The majority of designers have to start their design work before receiving copy or customer data. And yet the design is, along with the copy, expected to solve the clients’ problems. Working with a data-driven design process is a helpful way of working when making design decision.

Inspiration from Webbdagarna in Stockholm

The theme of this year’s Webbdagarna, arranged by Internetworld, was around the speed of new technology, marketing, VR and AI. But something that came up throughout the conference was that people and their needs are leading the development of technology and not the other way around.

How to make your employees your top influencers

What we read, see or hear within our personal and professional networks is more relevant than ever when we make choices and decisions. Creating engaging content for your employees to share is one way to make your stories heard in those networks.


Tech for good and the rise of the collective

Our friends Sandra and Hannes from Hallvarsson & Halvarsson attended this years SXSWconference. Find their interesting insights in this guest blog post.

Careers section: Hit or miss?

Europe’s 500 largest companies have made a slow progress in attracting talent through their digital channels according to Webranking by Comprend. This year’s research which focused on the effectiveness of corporate exchanges over digital channels showed that when it comes to the Careers section the results are not as encouraging as they should be.

3 days at Episerver Ascend

Comprend’s backend developer Petra took the opportunity to attend Episervers flagship conference Ascend in Las Vegas this year. These are the things she learned and brought back with her to Sweden.

Increase in score but Belgian companies lag behind rest of Europe

The results of Webranking 2016-2017 show that Belgium’s largest companies do not perform as well as their European counterparts in satisfying their key stakeholders' content needs. Compared to the top performing countries in Europe that scored 64,8 points (Finland), Belgian companies average score ended up at a total of 39,4 points.

German corporate websites improve company introductions

Unlike last year's intensifying of the digital corporate communications activities in Germany, Webranking by Comprend 2016-2017 found no significant improvement in the digital content presented by German listed companies. The average slightly declined by 0.3 points since last year from 46.3 to 46.0 points out of a total of 100. Improved content areas include financial reporting, corporate governance, press and company introductions while there is a lag in the general information related to investors and the share.

Digital corporate communications: the gap widens between top performers and the rest

The 20th annual edition of Webranking by Comprend, the leading in-depth research in digital communications at major listed companies, found that front-running French companies are pulling decisively ahead while laggards seem to fall desperately behind. Construction and concession Group VINCI conquered this year’s first place by achieving 66.0 points, an unprecedented score in France since the inception of Webranking.

Danish corporate websites improved in 9 out of 10 areas

The 20th edition of Webranking by Comprend shows that Danish corporate websites better meets the demands and needs of digital audience such as business journalists, analysts, investors and jobseekers. By increasing the performance in all areas, except for the share section, Denmark reaches the second best performance among all Nordic countries following Finland. In spite of this, Danish companies achieve mid-range performance in all of the areas surveyed which shows a great potential for improvements.


How to boost the relationship with journalists through your website

Get to know what features business journalists expect to find on corporate websites like yours. Every year Comprend surveys business journalists and other stakeholders to find out the most relevant content they're after.

Webranking surveys – Why so important?

Our annual surveys help us find out how companies should prioritise when developing content and features on their websites. One may think that journalists are more interested in the websites’ Press section while jobseekers just focus on job adverts on the Careers page. However, thanks to our surveys we know that is not the truth.


In the light of the Data Protection Day

Topics such as online privacy and data security privacy has been all the rage lately with the Snowden movie in cinemas worldwide during autumn, the buzz around fake news and Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server. To mention a few events that have attracted a lot of attention and is much debated nowadays.

Think through your use of passwords!

Security should always be a top priority. Usernames and passwords falling into the wrong hands is a big threat to intrusions and hoaxes on the Web.

Snam, Wärtsilä and Eni the best online communicators in Webranking by Comprend

The Financial Times’ Investors Chronicle reported exclusively today the findings of Webranking by Comprend 2016-2017 European edition. The research is conducted by Comprend in collaboration with Lundquist. 

Overfitting: is your website "too good"?

It's the beginning of the year and a time when you might look over your plans and goals going forward. This reflection is important because sometimes your measurements of success can tell a very different story than the success you’re trying to measure.

Swiss Post crowned best online communicator among Swiss non-listed companies

The Swiss business weekly Bilanz reported exclusively today the findings of the latest Webranking by Comprend 2016 Switzerland Non-listed edition in collaboration with Lundquist. The findings reveal that the gap between companies who strive to communicate credibly and those who fail to provide adequate information is widening. 

Norwegian companies need to improve their web presence

The 20th edition of Webranking by Comprend found that Norwegian listed companies have raised their web presence by increasing the average score with 3.5 points compared to last year. However, the overall average score of 40.8 out of 100 shows that corporate websites of Norwegian companies need to improve to better meet the needs of important stakeholders. Orkla's website is an exception and is ranked as number 1 in Norway.

Investor relations and careers – the continual weak spots of Spanish digital corporate communications

The 20th annual edition of Webranking by Comprend, the leading in-depth research in digital communications at major listed companies, found that Spanish listed companies have made slow progress in the way they communicate with investors and prospective employees.

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